Monday, February 22, 2010

$5000 Available - 2010 6 Days 6 Ramps Community Service Project!

Announcement from the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

Volunteer Florida is pleased to announce the availability of four grants of up to $5000 to support the 6 Days 6 Ramps Community Service Project.

6 Days 6 Ramps is a multi-site collaborative service project between the Governor's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service, Volunteer Florida; not-for-profit organizations; organizations that serve persons with disabilities; volunteer enters;
faith-based organizations; AmeriCorps and National Service programs and the business community.

6 Days 6 Ramps seeks to achieve the following goals:

Exemplify and expand the role of persons with disabilities in improving their community through participation in national service programs and volunteering.

Bring attention to the need for barrier removal so that persons with disabilities
can remain independent and a part of their communities.

Help strengthen existing volunteer efforts to remove barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in their community by building wheelchair ramps for local residents with disabilities whose income will not support the cost of building a ramp.

Volunteer Florida Reaches out to Veterans with Disabilities

This year Volunteer Florida, through our 6 Days 6 Ramps sites, will focus on including veterans with disabilities to be ramp recipients and to help build ramps in their community.

For further information and to download and application go to If you have any questions please contact Paul Martell at 850-414-0093 or Erin Pantoja at 850-414-0095. You may also inquire by e-mail at [].

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