Friday, February 5, 2010

Epsom Salts as a Treatment for Autism

On the "Autism Retort" Blog I came across the article "Epsom Salts for Autism" and was elated that I was not the only one in the world who has used epsom salts successfully with my autisic son.

About three years ago, I took my son off of all of his medications because of toxic side-effects.  Not the best idea and he suffered greatly for about three weeks from withdrawals.  One day, he had what I called "the mother of all meltdowns", I thought a warm bath would sooth him.  As he thrashed and screamed, I only found a tiny amount of bubble bath in the hopes that it may calm him.  While I desperately searched for the bubble bath I came across a  long forgotten container of epsom salt that was about 1/2 full.  I said to myself as I dumped it in the bath water, that it couldn't hurt. 

What happened 40 minutes later was nothing short of a miracle.  My son, who was hyperactive beyond belief (his "normal" self), was calm and still.  Looking back, I would say without exaggeration that he was serene.  I helped him dry off, change into pajamas.  He came to the living room, pulled out a book, came to the couch and sat next to me, and for the first time ever, he read a book...out me something I never knew he could do! Indeed it was a miracle and I will sing the praises of epsom salts as a therapy that worked for my son to anyone who will listen.  After a few days, his grandparents noticed a remarkable change.  After a couple of weeks, his teachers noticed a definite change.  He had an epsom salt bath every day.

If you think epsom salt baths may be therapeutic and you wish to give it a try, check with your doctor first.  This article is my personal testimony and in no way is to be substituted for medical advice.  However, that said, I encourage you to approach your doctor who knows your child's specific case (or your own if you are an adult with autism or ADHD).

Now, you parents and caregivers who give all you have for your children with autism, take a tip from me...enjoy your own epsom salt bath (2 cups) and follow up the last 5 minutes of your bath with a couple of drops of olive oil to avoid itchy skin.  Don't rinse off.  You more than deserve that little bit of pampering to keep you going!



Fielding J. Hurst said...

How much do you use and how long does he soak? We have had similar results, but I sort of think we have more seizures when I have used too much.

Maggie said...

He is small 10 years old. For him I put one cup of epsom salt. For teen/adult, 1 1/2 - 2 cups. He soaks for 20 minutes.