Monday, March 15, 2010

Ben's Place

I discovered Ben's Place when passing by and I wondered what kind of place it was. Turns out that a friend of mine's son goes there to socialize. For developmentally disabled adults, Ben's Place is new and on the Westside (on San Juan Avenue just off of Blanding Blvd.)

I will stop in there one day and check it out, but, I encourage you to visit the website:


lauralyn said...

Hi! I am writing in regards to a new information website that a few parents and myself put together to help keep our community informed about concerns that have grown and continue to grow regarding our CARD Center here in NE Florida. On behalf of these parents and myself Lauralyn Popp, we present to your Blog We hope hope you find this information helpful as you find resources for your special children. Wishing your family the Very Best Always, Lauralyn Popp

Maggie said...

Thank you Lauralyn!