Thursday, April 22, 2010

Asher's Journal

What is Asher's Journal?  It is a web-based record keeping application that allows parents, teachers, therapists, doctors and other caregivers the opportunity to connect and collaborate for the common goal of the patients health. The mash-up of home data collection, therapy session notes, treatment summaries and biomedical observations provides a new and unique approach to best treating the patient.  As a parent of a child with Autism, you know the pounds of papers you have in your file from IEP's, to therapist visits from the moment of diagnosis and all throughout their life.

Asher Clark is a young boy recently diagnosed with Autism.  His parents, Tim and Nicole developed a system to help them keep up with all of Asher's paperwork and to be able to share with all those involved in his care.  They moved on to develop a website for other parents to be able to do the same thing. 

A big part of Asher's progress this year is due to  The Clarks are just one special needs family reaching out to others. There is a 30-day free trial then a monthly fee.   Take a look and see if Asher's Journal can help your family.

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