Monday, July 26, 2010

Autism Oasis for Kids

Dear autism community and friends,

I am a parent of a child with autism in Alachua county, Florida. Through
searching to help my own son I have come to realize the importance of
including parents in any treatment approach for autism and PDD. The
parent-child relationship offers the most powerful teaching opportunities
for social and communication learning. For this reason my husband and I
created Autism Oasis for Kids - a parent run school for children with
autism. We aim to provide a relationship-based approach for children and
high-quality, research-based parent training.
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Access to this type of parent training is very limited in Florida. To
address this we are hosting a parent-training workshop in September in High
Springs, the details of which are below. The workshop is open to all parents
and professionals working with children who need help with social and
communication skills, but spaces are limited to 80 seats. Let me know in
advance, if you would need on-site and inexpensive accommodations and meals.

Please make this information available to anyone who could benefit from this
rare opportunity in Florida.

Thank you so much!

Marie Trempe

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