Friday, October 26, 2012

Please Vote on November 6th

Here is my one and only opinion during this election cycle.

There is more to this election than the Presidency:

1. New laws and referendums.
2. Senators and Representatives for your own State Legislature. These folks in the State Legislature vote on laws that affect you.
3. Local representatives in whatever your municipality or community calls them...Alderman, City Council Representative, etc.
4. Your U.S. Senator and Congressional Representative.

The Presidency is very important, but please remember, these other elections are also very important because they affect you and your community at home.

If you elect to sit out this election for President because you cannot decide, that is fine. But keep in mind there is more on your ballot than the Presidential candidates. Consider voting for issues in your community that are important to you.

There is my two cents on this issue.

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