Friday, October 26, 2012

Read About FAAST's Financial Resource Guide

This came from an Announcement From The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

FAAST's New Horizon Loan Program Director, Ms. Melanie Quinton, along with FAAST, Inc., through support from the Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, is pleased to announce the completion and development of a comprehensive (click to see the guide) 52-page general self-help resource guide designed to provide basic tools to find sound financial resource information.

Tools for financial independence within this guide are designed to assist individuals with resources on the how- tos of budgeting, establishing and maintaining credit, repairing credit, student loan resource information, home ownership resources, establishing and maintaining small businesses, state and federal tax information, savings plans, retirement planning, and much more.

For your convenient reference, the financial resources within this guide have been hyperlinked to provide easy access to informative websites, frequently asked questions (FAQs), factsheets, articles, tutorials, and other relevant financial resources. To find a financial resource that may be of assistance to you, please refer to the Table of Contents that includes a detailed list of financially relevant topics and subjects, along with page numbers.

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This self-help resource guide is not a substitute for legal advice

As with many other FAAST self-help resource guides, this guide contains hyperlinks to an array of helpful reference materials and is available on the New Horizon Loan Program website at and on the FAAST website at

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