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CARD Weekly Update - March 1, 2010

"My bicycle means a lot to me. I feel I am in control when I ride my bicycle
and it helps me work out my frustration and aggravations so I can be a better person."

-Jessica Green

On Saturday, the Jessica Green Foundation ( will hold the third annual Ride with Me event to promote autism awareness and raise funds to support autism initiatives in our area. The foundation is extending an invitation to all families with a family member with autism to come out to the event March 6th at Camp Milton and participate in the bike ride for FREE! You will not be required to pay for registration or meet the fundraising requirements, however you will receive the 2009 shirt (not the 2010) and will need to purchase food should you choose to stay for lunch. For more information,

I hope to see you there!

Mae Barker, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Clinical Director

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

UF College of Medicine - Jacksonville

Upcoming Trainings/Events:

· Provide Feedback on Upcoming Changes to DSM Autism Criteria: The website for the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the agency which writes and publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, has recently posted details of the newest edition, which include changes to the diagnosis and organization of autism spectrum disorder. The website is currently encouraging comments on the soon-to-be-published edition. Individuals can register, learn about the changes, and give the publishers feedback directly from the APA website.

· Rethink Autism & Autism Speaks – Treatment and Resources Webinars: Autism Speaks, in partnership with Rethink Autism, presents a FREE live webinar on autism treatment options and resources for families with recently diagnosed children: Wed, March 3, 2010 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST . Join us for an orientation for parents and family members of children recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Info:

· Third Annual Ride with Me for Autism: On Saturday, March 6, 2010, the third annual Ride with me for Autism Bike Tour begins and ends along the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail in Jacksonville, Florida. This event raises funds and awareness for the Jessica Green Foundation for autism support. The ride has choices of 10-mile, 29-mile, and 100k/62-mile bicycling routes, as well as shorter fun rides, so the entire family can come out and participate. A healthy breakfast is served for all riders. There will be vendors, food, music, and ToeKnee the clown. The Jessica Green Foundation has extended a special invitation for Autistic families to ride for free.

· 26th Annual Conference on Services for Children with Special Needs - Birth to Five: This year’s conference will be held Schultz Center (4019 Bourlevard Center Dr., Jax), April 1, 2010, and features lectures on literacy, play, behaviors, social skills, sign language, enrichment techniques, and nutrition. The full brochure for this event listing sessions and speakers is available on the CARD webcalendar:

· “Inclusive Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders” - April 19, 2010: Plot a Course, Set Sail, Have a Guide, Keep Learning,” Presented by Dr. Dennis Mozingo, BCBA-D. Dr. Mozingo is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Community Consultation Program of the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, University of Rochester Medical Center. During this workshop, participants will learn how to plan for the inclusion of students with ASD in general education settings, prepare students for inclusion in ESE settings, support students with ASD in the general education setting, and monitor student performance. . All events listed run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and are provided at no cost to participants. The First Coast Association for Behavior Analysis will be partnering with CARD to offer CEU’s for two upcoming workshops. You will need to preregister (registration is free) online. CEU’s can be purchased at the event.

· “Using Video Based Interventions to Support Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders” - May 14, 2010: Presented by Dr. Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D. Dr. Le Blanc is an Associate Professor in Psychology for the University of Auburn. Video modeling is an instructional technique that can be used to teach social skills, academic skills, and daily living skills and play skills to children with autism. This workshop will review the important components of effective video models, examine the research support for use of video models, and demonstrate ways to incorporate video when using other instructional procedures. . All events listed run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and are provided at no cost to participants. The First Coast Association for Behavior Analysis will be partnering with CARD to offer CEU’s for two upcoming workshops. You will need to preregister (registration is free) online. CEU’s can be purchased at the event.

· Survey for Parents of Students with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in Exceptional Student Education (ESE). Beginning Feb 01 and ending July 01, 2010, the Florida Department of Education will be collecting parent surveys on “How well is your school supporting your involvement in your child’s education?” Follow this link to complete the survey: Results, which are reported directly to the United States Department of Education, will contribute to Florida’s Annual Performance Report and will be posted for the public at

Flyers for these events can be accessed online @

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Ongoing Clinics & Programs:

Ø CARD Toy Bank Program: UF-Jacksonville CARD would like to build a Toy Bank where families in need can get toys and educational materials for use with their child. Please consider donating any of your slightly or unused toys, books, educational items, folder games, visual supports, or other materials to our center to support other families. To donate, please drop your materials to the front office at: UF-Jacksonville CARD, 6271-1 St. Augustine Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32207, For more information please call 633-0760

Ø Social Skills and Support Groups: Dr. Maria Tapia, Licensed Psychologist with the UF/Jacksonville's CARD program, runs several groups for adolescents and adults with Asperger Syndrome, as well as, for their siblings and mothers. If you are interested in joining any of these groups or gathering additional information, such as date, time and ages, please contact Dr. Tapia at or 633-0760.

Ø Dr. Barker has developed a parent training program to address the topic of, “Learning to play with your child with autism.” Log onto and click on the PowerPoint presentation entitled: “Learning to play with your child with autism”. Be sure you have reviewed the appropriate directions which are attached to this update. If you are a parent or caregiver, download play training directions and if you are a professional or trainer, download play training professional letter. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Ø “Promoting Positive Behavior Change”: This clinic will be replacing the Positive Parenting series that was previously being run Dr. Mae Barker. This clinic is an overview of Pivotal Response, using reinforcement, addressing challenging behaviors and setting up the home environment. This would be great for families of children who have been recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum or parents of older children who simply need a refresher on the basics. Contact Dr. Barker at

Ø “Behavioral Detective” Social Skills Camp: This clinic offered by Katrina Ressa, B.S., BCaBA, & Anthony Rhodes, M.S., CARD Educational Coordinators, is a 7-week long camp for children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or HFA ages 6-12. This camp targets skills such as conversational skills, anger management, accepting making mistakes, being more flexible and more. For more information on signing up for our spring camp, please contact Katrina at

Ø Pre-K Social Skills Clinic: This clinic, offered by Elise Bowers. Parents will learn strategies for engaging their child, promoting communication and conversation, turn-taking, developing joint attention and other social skills. Parents will also learn how to practice, prompt and reinforce their child’s socialization. For more information, please contact Elise at

Ø Two Feet Forward: This clinic, offered by Anne Wilson, MST, BCaBA, CARD Educational Coordinator, is for parents of a student in transition. During the meetings parents will learn about transition issues including IEPs & Transition IEPs, Self-Determination & Self-Advocacy, Portfolios, Interest Inventories & Assessments, Post-Secondary Options, Government Benefits, Service Providers & Changes in Services , Barriers, Work Related Issues, and much more! For more information, please contact Anne at

Ø Discovering Capabilities: This clinic will be offered by Anne Wilson, MST, BCaBA, CARD Educational Coordinator. This is a student and parent support group. Students discover who they are, what their strengths and talents are, what they want to do in the future, how will they get where they want to be, and who will provide their supports. Discovery provides direction for future career development. Information gathered is placed in a Student Profile for the purpose of sharing the information for job development. The information guides the selection or creation of future jobs in the community. Discovery is for students: between the ages 16 – 19, in transition, planning their future or need guidance planning their future, developing a future plan, identifying individual strengths, needs, etc., writing goals, and identifying supports. For more information, please contact Anne at

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