Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Social Skills Group Training for High-Functioning Autism

S.S.GRIN (Social Skills Group Intervention) HFA:

S.S.GRIN HFA is a small group intervention program designed to build the social skills and social relationships of children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (HFASD).

The program is suitable for children ages 7 to 12 and is divided into three modules: (a) Communication Skills, (b) Working with Others, and (c) Friendship Skills. Introductory, process, and review sessions are also integrated into the curriculum for a total of 15 weekly group sessions (see Table 1 on the next page). The sessions are structured and scripted for ease of use, including scripts complete with instructions and specific activities. Video and graphical (social comic scripts) elements are integrated with written materials (e.g., child workbook).

S.S.GRIN HFA sessions are written for a 60-minute timeframe and for groups comprised of 5 to 7 participants. Parent involvement in S.S.GRIN HFA is an integral part of the curriculum. Parents and children participate together in four of the group sessions: an introductory session (orienting families to the intervention goals and procedures) and at the conclusion of each of the three modules (to discuss experiences with community exercises and intervention progress).

During community exercises, children have the opportunity to practice new skills in a naturalistic setting with the help of their parents as coaches (e.g., children are asked to order a meal at a restaurant) to increase generalization of learned skills beyond the intervention setting. In addition, parents have access to relevant web-based resources (e.g., reading lists, tip sheets) to use at home and share with teachers.

Please visit http://www.selmediainc.com/ssgrin/hfa for more information and to order.


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